在今天这个充满挑战的时代, the team you have protecting your investments is more important than ever. With an extremely competitive rental market in the 阿尔伯克基 area, the right property management company is perhaps the most important piece to your investment vision.

我们相信客户服务至上. This means that whether you are a tenant or an owner we put you first. 作为一个主人, we want you to know we underst和 that this is an investment 和 it needs to be well cared for. We can be flexible to your needs 和 you don’t have to fit into a contract that does not work for you or your property. 我们是阿尔伯克基首屈一指的精品管理公司.

bwin888 是一家全方位服务的物业管理公司吗. 我们的服务 阿尔伯克基, 圣达菲, 洛杉矶这本, 法明顿. 我们能够为您提供物业管理服务 单一家庭住宅, multi-plexes公寓, 公寓 100个或更少的单位. Our staff is licensed 和 highly qualified for all areas of management.

We will successfully manage your investment from start to finish, including 广告 & 营销你的财产, 租户放映, 放映, 背景调查及资格, 租赁执行和续签, 物业维修请求, 租金集合, 法律和驱逐问题, 财产检查, 搬进去,搬出去, 完整的会计和更多.

我们注重细节 – We care about the small stuff 和 pay attention to every element of your property. This has given us a competitive advantage when it comes to offering reliable property management solutions. We create checklists for everything we do with a laser-focus on delivering high-quality property 和 real estate management services. Our cutting-edge technology resources have helped us ensure our quality of service is non-negotiable. We will help manage 和 maintain your property to maximize the value of your investment.

我们的透明方式是无与伦比的 – We know that for a company to stay successful, it must put the interest of its clients at heart. Elevated underst和s every customer’s needs 和 we are very willing to customize services to meet these needs. We believe in partnerships 和 that a team approach is the best solution. We are a professional property management company that acts with integrity 和 treats all clients with courtesy 和 respect.


作为高架管理集团的创始人, I have had the opportunity to spend the past decade in real estate working in several different aspects of the industry. 我以把人与家相匹配而自豪. I am also a proud member of the 全国房地产经纪人协会 和 Greater 阿尔伯克基 Association of Realtors.




您是在附近寻找物业管理公司吗? 高架管理集团是您的首选 位于新墨西哥州阿尔伯克基的专业物业管理公司 以及周边地区. 高架管理是一家全方位服务经纪公司. 这意味着我们处理您的住宅, apartment complex 和 can assist you in the sell or purchase of a new investment. We live 和 work in the communities that we serve, 和 take great pride in seeing them thrive. 为了保护环境, we offer paperless statements 和 direct deposit which are both effective 和 efficient. We invite you to discover for yourself the many reasons bwin888 is your best choice for property management.


Service company bills are checked for correct service address, correct billing rate, 等. 然后从收取的租金中支付账单. 所有经营物业的费用都由业主支付, 包括维修和保养, 广告, 法律费用, 等. Some of these costs are also charged back to the tenant based on the individual lease terms.


Timely rent collection is essential to both your company 和 ours. Rent is due on the 1st, late on the 3rd after that date rent is subject to late fees. Legal proceedings to remove the tenant may begin as early as the 10th of the month, depending on the occupant’s history 和 the timing of holidays, 周末, 等. These proceedings also must be approved by the owner before the process will start.


bwin888, can make mortgage payments if the property has a positive cash flow. If the property has a negative cash flow, we do not make mortgage payments. Complete details regarding our 阿尔伯克基 property management services are provided in your complementary management proposal.


All rental applicants complete an online application 和 pay an application fee. 租赁申请过程包括信用检查, 背景调查, national eviction history search 和 income verification before approval.


All maintenance requests are directed to our office either from the tenant’s online portal or via phone. The tenant is asked to check breakers, reset buttons, switches, 等. 自己解决问题. If this is not successful, the proper service person is sent as soon as possible. 我们喜欢尽快处理问题.


高架管理集团为您的利益着想. Our goal is 100% occupancy that’s why we go “above 和 beyond” when it comes to marketing your rental property. Whether we’re managing your apartment complex or rental home we find the best ways to reach prospective tenants. Our marketing efforts can be customized based on your needs. We will work together to create a plan that fits best for your property.


If you’re looking for a home in the 阿尔伯克基 or surrounding area, you can trust the professionals at bwin888. Our mission is to serve the needs of our real estate clients with nothing less than the highest st和ard of excellence. 今天打电话给我们了解更多信息.










Let us help you market 和 manage your rental property, contact us today for a free consultation.